Visiting Delhi, the heart of India is indeed a sensory overload, the only way to describe it. It’s almost impossible to write down what you feel, hear, see, smell and taste when you are out in these streets. We believe Delhi is a city that reveals itself to you in different forms, from the chaotic outer layer to the fascinating historic city with a true spiritual inner layer. There is however one good way of experiencing this to the fullest: Biking / Cycling.

Our team is passionate about our city, its rich cultural history and its madness as we are about biking / cycling.

All the tours have small groups with English and Hindi speaking guides, who want to share the best of their city with you.


Just as the first rays of the sun begins to light the city and prepares itself to come to life. We offer three amazing tours which starts from 6.30 a.m., when the craziness of the day is still to come and people are still waking up and the city rather mellow. Join our guide to experience the awakening bustle of Delhi. Transport yourself 400 years in history and glide through the narrow lanes of Delhi, the otherwise chaotic streets of Delhi muted in the early morning and witness the architectural marvels, the multi-colored facades, beautifully decorated shops, ethnically dressed men and women. The tours can’t be complete without a breakfast at special Parantha place / authentic traditional Indian breakfast.