Meet Our Team

team-image2I have started Delhi By Bike for my love for this amazingly crazy city, Delhi. After spending more than 14 years here, Delhi has now become a home to me, as it has for other thousands of people who migrated to this “city of dreams from various communities”, with different religious beliefs and vibrant cultures.

This city has led to the discovery of my passion (cycling) and given wings to my dreams.

I dream to share my happiness of riding through these lane, the most unique and eco friendly way to unravel its mystic beauties



Chime (Guide) is always with a shy smile, is our part time guide. She is a trained doctor of traditional Tibetan Medicine. In her spare time, she loves guiding the visitors into Old Delhi



Delphine (Guide) is a young French woman and a yoga teacher by profession. She is passionate about adventure travelling and dancing. She loves India, so she has decided to finally settle in India after travelling to various countries. She also take care of the marketing.



Deepak (Support Guide) has been with us since the start and recently joined college to study home science. He is very spiritual at this young age, calm and helpful.


Raju Kumar

Raju Kumar (Support Guide) has been living in Delhi since he ran away from his home in Bihar when he was only 08 years old and along with being the support guide, he is pursuing his college through distance education.


Raju Sharma

Raju Sharma (Support Guide) has been with us for little more than 6 months now. Along with his part time job as support guide is also taking course to be a professional photographer.